Bonafit veggie snacks

Bona = Good
Fit = Feel good

Sweet potato chips


no palm oil

no preservatives or colorings

no added sugars

raw materials of the best quality

Sweet potato:
a superfood

Sweet potato is a food rich in vitamin A and a good source of fiber, minerals and antioxidants. This makes our sweet potato chips an ideal food for any physical exercise that requires extra energy. Moreover, they are delicious!

The lower the temperature,
the higher the quality

Perfectly prepare
10 products

We produce vegetable slices at a shallower temperature to obtain higher quality products, reduce the formation of undesirable substances, and maintain the color and flavor of the raw materials.

Through slow preparation, we seek to keep all the benefits of sweet potato chips for you and all the benefits for your body.

food safety concerns us

Packaging in a
protective atmosphere

This packaging (modified atmospheric packaging, M.A.P.) is carried out by replacing air with a gas mixture such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide and oxygen to extend the life of sweet potato chips.

Maintain quality by extending the shelf life: reduce food waste by maintaining the appearance, taste and texture of our vegetable slices for longer.

Promote your business: extend shelf life and expand distribution possibilities.

Compliance with the most stringent regulations can protect products from microbial problems and comply with food regulations.


From the field
to the table

At Bonafit, we strive for excellence from the beginning of the production process. Therefore, we must consider its quality and source when choosing sweet potatoes. We use products that are closest to the place of origin, which is conducive to the economic development of the place of origin. After packaging, all our vegetable slices will be thoroughly inspected before being delivered to customers.

We know that transporting products from one place to another will cause inconvenience; therefore, we conduct internal quality control on all products before leaving the warehouse for our customers. This allows us to avoid incidents before they happen.

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