Bonafit veggie snacks

The incredible story of

a dream come true

BonaFit was born with a dual purpose, namely to find the answer and make it a reality. This is why we take innovation as a prerequisite for identity and the creation of

vegetable snacks

Healthier and more sustainable, but without giving up the traditional flavor and texture.

Use BonaFit sweet potato chips

and enjoy nature.

the work of the Uni

"It's all made up."

Miguel Hernández University (Miguel Hernández University). Pablo and Luis were sitting on the stairs at 1:30 pm and transferred their work to a food technology degree course. They had to invent a fictitious snack to simulate the marketing process: bring a bag of potato chips to inspire inspiration, Pablo said:

-It's all made up while he was throwing a potato chip into his mouth. - Look at this - Luis said, taking a newspaper from his backpack.

One story stood out from the rest in the newspaper.

Compared with potatoes, the high demand for the characteristics and advantages of sweet potatoes has tripled the production of sweet potatoes in Spain. As a healthy product, its diversification in our gastronomy has resulted in the prosperity experienced in both aspects of production. Reasons. And consumption".

The message continues.

"Healthy and delicious are the main motivations for consumers to choose snacks."

good idea

Impossible is what
is not tried yet

Then they understood. They will introduce some unrealized products to the market. The difference is that a vegetable snack that consumers have already requested but does not yet exist. On this basis, they will be based on their own projects.

They liked the idea very much, so they promised to go all out, go all out, and go all out. Many people laughed; they think that for two children in their early 20s, they have too many wishes.

Impossible is not tried. As in everything, it was very difficult to get started. They have considered exiting many times, but there are always things that encourage them to continue. It started to pay off.

and the awards arrived

Thus was born
a start-up

Soon, rewards and recognition began to appear. This is one of the outstanding projects in the United Kingdom, organized by the Orihuela Chamber of Commerce, the "New Food and Gourmet Competition" and the U.M.H. VI version of the sprint. All these recognitions are nothing more than reiterating the idea of building a brand. This gave birth to a start-up company:-Bona from kindness-to feel good.

Today, Bonafit has successfully appeared in essential hypermarkets both domestically and internationally. And it continues to grow, develop and innovate new varieties, and stay true to its values: taste, health and respect for the environment. This is just the beginning; this adventure has just begun.

As natura
and fun

as you

As natura
and fun

as you